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Motor Gearbox
National Achievement of the Elco Complex

Elco Complex as the first and largest manufacturer of elevator gearbox in the Middle East by designing and developing with Iranian national standard in the elevator gear industry obtained factory standard certificate from Iran Industrial Research Institute and has been recognized as a national manufacturer in June of 1392 and By acquiring the icon of the top performers of national production was able to start a new season in Iran industry. 

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Elco quality method

Elco as the largest manufacturer of lifting gearboxes 1389 to improve quality, service quality, increase productivity and continuous improvement and also to obey major occupational, environmental health, energy, economic and stable due to the technical knowledge, experience of our dedicated personnel, based on integrated management systems (IMS) including quality management standards ISO9001-2008 and environmental management ISO14001-2004 and occupational safety and health management HSE 2007, OOHSAS18001, describes it’s method as follows:

۱٫ realizing customer needs and providing quality products and services to increase their satisfaction
۲٫ Continuous improvement to reduce environmental pollution and safety hazards and health of personnel and move towards their prevention
۳٫ Develop and enhance Management Plans and Health Professional and the environment for personnel
۴٫ Development of infrastructure and application of new methods and technology in all parts of the company
While adhering to the country’s environmental, safety and health laws and regulations, as well as adhering to the standards listed above, it invites all partners to participate in the proper implementation of these systems.
Engine production
Active Sales Agent
Experienced staff
Indirect employment creation

Entrepreneurship and national production to the presence in international markets

Elco recruited more than 150 full-time specialized and technical staff and more than 440 part-time and contracted personnel to make a significant contribution to the country’s industry, depriving our beloved country of its dependence on this equipment. Visiting the world’s largest and most known manufacturers of elevator gearboxes and collaborating with them to raise the scientific level of the complex.
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